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Fedora is a complete site for escort classifieds. Don’t waste time trying to create an escort site from scratch, our escort script includes all the necessary features for an adult audience site. The Fedora adult script is already adapted for all tablet and smartphone versions. Come create your escort site with Fedora script. Your new source of income and income by managing escort ads on the internet without leaving your home.

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Fedora is a script for creating escort and adult websites. a modern adult script with PHP technology, responsive and adapted for cell phones and smartphones.

How to register an adult ad on the site?

  • Optimization of modules for advertisers making them more intuitive and dynamic.
  • Optimization of SEO techniques throughout the site to facilitate the indexing of pages in google.
  • Optimization of URL Rewrites
  • Plans Module for Advertisers
  • Articles module for indexing in Google

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We list below, more features on the escort platform. daily updates

Additional plug-ins that you can purchase further enrich the functionality of your escort site. All modules below can be purchased separately by the site administration.
Upgrade module for users
With this module, the user will be able to upgrade by paying for paypall and thus have access to exclusive content on the companion website, such as access to trial 2, chat, or chat with the advertiser on whatsapp, watch the advertiser’s video
Integration with whatsapp. Users will be able to chat directly with the advertiser via whatsapp
Companion ad sharing directly to whatsapp contacts
Livestream: Release video streamer for users to watch advertiser in real time
Website language override module
Currency replacement module
Replacement module from cities in Brazil to cities in another country
Gateway change module for Paypal
How to make money with escort site

The admin configures the price of the plans and ad publishing period.
Admin also configure email to receive site notifications, title and texts, change site layout like colors and images easily.

The companion accesses the website and clicks the “post ad” button. She will be redirected to the plans page. After choosing a plan, the companion is directed to start registering your ad. Upload your photos, nightly price and other information.

After completing the advertisement, the companion is redirected to make the payment by paypall or bank transfer.
The escort’s announcement will be listed in your restricted area awaiting payment.

The administrator can manually approve the companion’s announcement in addition to registering infinite announcements.

The companion agency software is developed in PHP. If you have a programmer you can easily edit the script’s source code.


Responsive Platform

Adapted for all smartphones and tablets. The layout adapts according to the screen resolution to enhance the user experience.


Videos Page

Videos page automatically shows all ads that have videos in their ads. To make it easier for users who want video ads


Articles Module

Essential for the site administrator to write articles to facilitate the indexing of the site by Google and other search engines


Advertising Plans

Fully editable plans module. The administrator will be able to change the names of the plans, values, publication time, if there is a video, etc.



The administrator will be able to change the logo, images and all the information of the site by the administration.


Nightclubs and Events

Advertise for events and nightclubs, scoth bar, nightclubs directly through your website administration quickly and easily.


Integrated with paypal

All payments are made through the paypall payment gateway



The user will be able to search the advertiser by city and category. Ex: Blondes in São Paulo. The site will return all ads based on the search


Advertiser Module

The advertiser himself can register his ads online. The advertiser will be able to choose the best plan for their ad.



Website revamped with SEO techniques on all Desktop or Mobile pages, making it even easier to index the website on Google pages